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Cause It’s Funny

If you love raunchy comedy, with tits, and drugs, and beer, all those Billy Madison fans and Dude’s who Love Dude Where’s My Car, this “Terri” trailer is everything that you will not like about comedy. Something that is rare to find a big Star like John C. Riley, and catching media attention. These “quirky” independently made comedies are out there, but hard for the average film goer to find. Terri seems to be trying to break the mold. A coming of age teenager with an odd mentor to help him along the way, of course John C. Riley will be playing the mentor, this true to human story will down right make you laugh. I am a big fan of placing characters in situations that happen to everyone, people can relate to this and find humor in that. This might make you read between the lines a little bit, but if you want to get to know a new character instead of it being forced down your throat, and find their humor in situations you relate too, instead of the ridiculous…. Then give Terri a try……. how can quirky independent comedies compete with the big budget stoner flicks like You’re Highness?

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